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About Us

Timm T. Martin

As the son of a real estate developer, Timm Martin has been immersed in construction his entire life. Timm graduated at the top of his class in 1983 from the University of Illinois school of architecture. As a highly successful practicing architect, Timm was disappointed in both the process and mind-set of the general contractors who were necessary to build his homes. From this frustration emerged the construction division of the Timm T. Martin Company


The problem begins with the lack of understanding and knowledge from those hired to execute the architect's construction documents. Timm concluded that the typical general contractors lack of interpretive skills on a sophisticated home leads to avoidable mistakes, unnecessary delays, and a gap of expectations in the fit and finish of a legacy estate.


The key to a succesful project is a good working relationship between owner, architect, general contractor, and subcontractors. Timm concluded the best way to partner with a homeowner is to work in a completlely transparent process. Since the orgin of the Timm T. Martin Company, it is the only way they have partnered with their clientele.

Timm T Martin

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